Energy Documentary

Energy. The word connotes different meaning to different people.
Jobs, Economic Growth, National Security, Prosperity.
Pollution, Climate Change, Greed, Injustice.
The science of what lies underground and what is happening in the atmosphere is hotly debated.
Politics, Media, Religion and Culture all come into play. All of us are stake-holders in the outcome.

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The Energy debate pushes everyone's button because what we burn and what we ban have real impacts on real lives.
We are challenged to listen to opposing points of view and to stand our ground when our rights are violated.
The engineering feats of hydro-electricity, off-shore drilling, fracking and mountain-top removal are mind-blowing.
These extraction and generation technologies have improved our quality of life in terms of medical care, food-production, and transportation.
Yet the scale of that technology has become a concern for the land, the water, the air. Our drilling, spilling, cutting, burning now affects the globe.
Advances in technology offer new options for powering our homes, transportation and industry. Improved batteries make solar and wind energy, and electric vehicles more reliable.

Photovoltaic systems now work efficiently in cold climates.
Every time we do a Google search we use electricity.
Some predict driverless cars and electric vehicles will completely replace the internal combustion engine by 2030.
From wood fire to nuclear fission, the story of energy has been the story of mankind.
It's a great story, an important story, one that needs to be told truthfully with concern for both the human condition and the planet we inhabit.
These photos are a sampling of the work I have been doing for half of my life, reporting first-hand from the energy hot-spots throughout North America.


Phil Norton